Friday, January 1, 2010

2009, that was a full year!

Things from 2009:

  • Broke someones heart
  • Bought My own House
  • Disowned by a Parent
  • Let go of Someone I was holding onto for no reason
  • Had an incredible Energy Healing Session
  • Made peace with following my Heart
  • Realized my Sister is my all time Best Friend and Favorite Person
  • Quit Working
  • Became a Temporary Stay at Home Mom
  • Became an Aunty
  • Opened my Own Business
  • Went on a Vacation All Alone
  • Went to a huge Raw Festival all Alone
  • Reconnected with another one of my favorite persons, Jess!
  • Made out with a woman on video which is now on the Internet, that was actually a goal in 2009, fancy that!!!
  • Went RAW
  • Lost almost 25 lbs, am finally in a healthy weight range
  • Started writing 2 books
  • Learned to trust someone to love me like I deserve
  • Attended the most loving wedding I have ever been to
  • Kayaked in the Puget Sound
  • Discovered the blatant sorrows of people on the bus system in big cities
  • Watched my son turn 4 years old
  • Turned 26 years old, surrounded by love
  • Saran wrapped a bus drivers seat
  • Added permanent hair wraps to my head
  • Met Shane
  • Lost someone I loved very very much
  • Learned to Snowboard, also learned i love it!
  • Had my first Thanksgiving without my Parents
  • Set up my first Faux Christmas Tree
  • Rode a Bike, without asthma issues, in fact, I just don't have asthma anymore, thank you diet of raw foods!
  • Made tons of Raw yumminess
  • Taught a Raw Foods workshop
  • Learned first hand how naughty emails end up somewhere they aren't supposed to
  • Discovered my Chaga love, now I see it EVERYWHERE
  • Went swimming in freezing ass water just to see if a boy would too
  • Made an Awesome new Friend who's son is now Travinn's Awesome new friend too!
  • Marveled as my son learned to spell
  • Found out where to pick the big berries in Hatchers
  • Got a free tattoo
  • Went out as a DD for a friend I never thought would drink, haha!
  • Dressed like a viking
  • Met a Man I Love in the most Perfect and Genuine Way

Some In'ten'tions for 20'10'

1. Use all the food I bring into the house
2. Organize my space
3. Pay all bills on time
4. Allow more Love in my life than I ever knew possible
5. Be successful in everything I do
6. Complete my B.S. in Natural Health
7. Finish and Publish both books
8. Do all things in harmony with my true self
9. Release Fear
10. Continue my RAW journey, discovering myself, helping others, inspiring people to help themselves