Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sideshow We Call Medicine

Hold your tongue Kandis,
Keep it in,
This is Her body and experience,
well actually it was also my nephews experience, but I'm sure with pride he will be able to say, yeah I was high before I was even born!!! Yay!!!
Nothing is more frustrating than watching someone make choices that shouldn't even be available,
Sedating, (the nurses words) drugging & poisoning my unborn nephew, how is this okay?
It is infuriating listening to the drug dealers peddle their goods every chance they get,
they carry the title nurse, so it's okay?
I can imagine the horror to a nurse if a woman in labor was smoking tobacco or a joint or hitting the crack pipe for that matter, but its okay to pour our drugs into your veins so they can run through the blood stream of you and your unborn! It's Truly a TRAGEDY.
Its a side-show out of control,
This circus we call America, every where I turn its drugs this, drugs that, but if the AMA isn't getting a piece of the money, well then by all means let's call those drugs illegal and condemn them as bad,
And ours, ours are good,
yes they destroyed this girls marriage and my son's father, but that must be because they are safe right?
I listened to the nurse tell her 'people that do natural child birth don't do as well because they feel the pain, the drugs help you relax, its better to do it this way.' (gag) 'No you can't eat any fruit although you haven't eaten in over 24 hours, but here have a 7up and a Popsicle, lets spike your blood sugar levels, turn your body acidic, throw some artificial dyes your way, it was disgusting. I am in shock, all they know is drugs, they are so disconnected from life, real life, childbirth is amazing, not a drug induced medical emergency, its insanity, I plan on never being a part of a hospital birth again, it disgusts me.
And to be honest- women, if you have taken drugs during your pregnancy, you disgust me as well, you are too selfish to care about your child, to weak to feel the pain that you are supposed to, too scared to be in tune with your body. I think medicine is great in true emergency situations, and I have seen someone truly need a C-section and I am thankful it was available, but I have also recently witnessed an amazing labor and birth in a room at her house, full of love and support and yes, fruit!!! And it was so peaceful, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey stephanie. I try not to judge harshly, but the poisoning of our children isn't something I can watch in silence. I pray that the people of this nation wake up soon, become conscious, begin to think, because what is being done to our bodies and minds through drugs is a Tragedy, a true and honest tragedy and it hurts those of us conscious enough to see it. If you are going to have a child feed that child nourishment, that isn't found in a needle in a hospital or in a box of macaroni and cheese, think people, THINK!!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Almond Milk & Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream, oh my!!

Almond-Milk~ So Simple, Delicious & Nutritious
1. Put 1/2 cu Almonds & 1cu water into Blender
2. Blend on High Speed Until Well-Blended

3. Pour into Nut-Milk Bag and squeeze liquid into bowl

4. Save Pulp to use in other recipes

5. Enjoy Milk over cereals or as a refreshing drink. Best served chilled, good for about a day. Add cinnamon, agave, vanilla, whatever floats your boat. You can make it with just about any nut and use it in place of dairy!! Cause the thought of drinking milk from a cow tit really grosses me out!!!!


Simple & Divine!!!!

1. 4 Freshly Frozen Bananas- Peel First!

2. 2 Tbs Cacao or Carob Powder

3. 1 cu Cherries

4. 4 Tbs Agave

5. Sprinkle Cinnamon

6. 1/2 Vanilla Bean

7. Dab of Salt

8. Cacao Nibs
* Blend all ingredients in blender until creamy, eat as is or freeze for later- or make awesome and healthy popsicles!!!

My Sweet Son-Shine Making Chocolate-Cherry Popsicles!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Raw-Inspired Journey South of My Comfort Level

Higher & higher above the trees and cities,
Wings pierce through the grey into the light above,
We are floating on faith into the world of the sky,
We leave the darkness of the faces saddened without hope into the arms of grace and serenity,
All is perfect here,
There are no worries up here in the heavens,
All is illuminated,
or maybe I am just speaking for me,
I left my armor behind when I stepped foot into my journey and I am renewed,
I am vibrating at a higher frequency and I feel it in all parts of my self and life,
I pray others may feel my light as my joy sweeps their hearts,
I am open,
Honoring my voice and worth,
All doors are open,
And I AM FREE....
{My home for 4 days, incredible and amazing, no buildings, just fresh air and earth}

{The Goddess Song Circle, the Men just rejoined us, Groom covered in Raw Chocolate}

I just got back to Alaska from a vacation by myself, I went to Washington and rode across Oregon with 2 strangers to a festival where I knew no one!!! And it was fantastic.
In Tacoma I stayed with some kick-ass friends of mine, had my first pedicure, did a lot of walking, used public transportation for the first time, went to asian markets, saw a few old friends, went to a park, ate dinner on the water front, kayaked in the Puget sound, enjoyed the sunshine, went to Pikes Place market and a Raw Foods Restaurant in Seattle, and went to an Amazing Korean spa, spent time with my aunt and uncle, met new people, was a part of the amazing Goddess song circle, drank coconut water every chance I got, All the while maintaining a raw food diet, I decided I prefer to eat raw, uncooked, living fresh foods that enhance my mind, body and spirit. People often ask me if I am 'allowed' to eat this or that, absolutely, I am allowed everything, I choose to eat foods that are healing and energetically enhancing and cleansing instead of dead clogging foods that literally, bring me down. All it takes is some consciousness!!!
In Tacoma-Seattle adventures the bus opened my heart up to some extreme sadness, people living in sadness, drug use and anger. I wanted to close my heart and crawl away from this sadness, luckily my timing for all my journey was laid out perfectly, I ended my journey at the RawUnion festival. HOPE RESTORED. A woman named Katie was one of the strangers on the ride down and after arriving the 3 of us parted ways to do different things, so naturally I set up my tent then sat in there trying to convince myself to leave my tent Finally I did and to my surprise Katie was about 30 feet away trying to set up her tent, obviously needing help, I offered, we are now friends. We did some things together but a lot of my time there was spent wandering and listening to lectures, David Wolfe is Incredible- buy his books!!! The wedding I attended was incredible, I experienced an Access treatment to Cleanse my Bars, it was awesome and I received a few messages and felt my body rise to a higher level, as if I was lifted, The love energy there was contagious and uplifting. I spent the last night there dancing to deep lyrics and drumming til 1am. My journey came to a close with an amazing Hand-Holding, Spiraling, Heart to Heart Circle of love.

There is much sadness in our world,
Darkness in hearts of the people,
Struggle in the minds,
Despair where hope should live,
To my Great relief I experienced the true hope of our world,
We are the people,
The ones who spread the hope throughout,
With our love and faith we plant the seeds with every step we take,
We are the healers of this,
We Create consciousness where numbness was lived,
We are the Healers and I realized this with great certainty and clarity,
Allow the consciousness to flow threw and out your mighty vessel,
The frequency was high and the stars shone upon our joy with love,
Lead by example my beloved family,
We are all one,
Provide love and light for those who seek so they may too be a part of the healing,
It is spreading quickly and Our world is Rising,
Always believe,
For truth is always love and WE ARE TRUTH

I have grown from these experiences, I am loving life & My clarity. I encourage everyone to challenge themselves to eat a more whole- Living-Uncooked diet, you will be amazed at the clarity you gain from something so simple as enhanced nutrition!!!!! Ask me about it!!!! Its changing my life everyday!! The vibration of your foods is directly reflected in the vibration of the self & the collective self, if we raise the vibration the ripples will effect all.

Much Love,

{The Oregon Sky above my resting head}

{The dusk on Angel's Organic Farm}

A Delicious fruit salad made by Jessica and Andy, So much thanks and love to them for everything they did for me. They are diamonds in a sky of clouds. I love you both so very much!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Standing Centered

The sky was smiling that day!!
In Hatchers, doing Boy things with my son-shine!

Enjoying the River

What a difference a few days and some strong affirmations and intentions make. I am already appreciating my son and whole life situation more. I am excited about the adventure I am embarking on. I choose to be with people that appreciate me, for some reason I; momentarily mind you, thought I would enjoy the company of someone taking me for granted. What a feeling of emptiness I am not willing to seek again!

I realize from time to time bushes in my path may become overgrown and hinder my view, but my heart is my Source of infinate light and will always gently push me around. For my heart and inner guidance I am so Thankful. {pause for silence}

I watched a fantastic and motivating video last night by Victoria Boutenko, [] she is a fabulous person and I suggest everyone interested in raw foods watch it, it is simple yet so fulfilling. I am also reading her son and daughter's book Eating without Heating, in it Sergei said something most people may overlook, but to me it stood out in Bold and spoke to my spirit; it answered a question I spin from time to time in the web I call my mind, he said "When we are sincere, people gravitate towards us."

I have found this so true in the past few years, not only in my self, but in others around me. There is a natural attraction to honesty and a tendency to seek it, even in those who choose deception. Their book gives me hope raising my son and knowing deep down he is destined for some pretty out of the ordinary life experiences, he is a bird and I know before long he will be soaring far away on many adventures, I remain his roots. My family is my home.
Yesterday something quite profound happenedd to me. Someone I care so deeply about asked for my help. They even wrote down some healing foods I suggested and is ready for change. I fear this person is on a long road to recovery for the lifestyle they have chosen for their past lead them here; I always have hope and am grateful for this opportunity. I feel like my entire family is finally forming as one, joining on a similar path of healing. As a child I would have never imagined us here, so what a beautiful surprise it has been!!

In the past week I have obstained from solid foods, dry brushed every morning, did a colonic yesterday, oil pulled this morning, drank Pau D' Arco Tea everyday, got back in the groove with my schooling, finishing some unfinished projects, Spent time in Hatchers Pass, have done some enzyme therapy and spent much time in deep thought and intention.
***I am Centered***

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Sweet Chia Seed (salba)

I have been eating chia breakfast for a few weeks now, not today obviously because i am fasting, however I am missing it! I love how versatile it is. As a cold cereal I just add water, let it gel up,
throw some agave and cinnamon on it, stir and enjoy It is exceptionally great texture wise if you add some sprouted buckwheat and hemp seeds!!

Puddings and 'Jellos' are easily made with the gelatinous goo created by mixing chia with a liquid! Throw it in your smoothies, eat a teaspoon of it everyday- it is phenomenal. I crave it now, my finger nails are strong and long, inflammation in my lungs has improved and lets just say, what a great source of fiber!!! Everyone needs chia!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Need For Centering

I am finding myself spiraling sideways into self-destructive behaviors of the past. How easily I am seduced back into my habits of unconscious choices. They leave an emptiness deep inside my soul and I see my path stretched out further and futher away from me.

I allow my mind to stop just shy of depth and return to the form of my former-self. I didn't like the trouble she got me into and I am not willing to go back.

My Sacral Chakra is on overdrive ripping the harmony right out of my body. My green is dimming into a grey and My heart weeps. I used to enjoy the quiet, with me by my own side. Lately I have been escaping it with numbness, denying my truth. Its up and down and I am ready for these waves to die down and surrender to the calm of placid waters. In these waters I will reach out my hand pulling myself towards the light.
I am ready to reunite with her, the me I have been shutting out.
I am fasting for 5 days to purge myself of my ill-emotions and leaving in 12 days to spend some time away from my ordinary to get in touch with myself. Distractions will be laid aside and I can think, without fear, I can be.