Monday, March 30, 2009

Life Unfolding

I feel the gentle push beneath my wings,
I know what path lye before my feet,
so close yet so far away from the earth below,
I allow myself to ride the currents as they shift into one flowing stream of guidance,
I am allowing the hesitation to leave my mind,
to allow the truth to be my reality,
I am seeing with faith and unwavering belief,
so much is to come,
I have many things to see and do,
all in good time,
with the gentle push of my surroundings and the reminders which happen into my path daily,
I am shifting,
I am emerging into my own truth,
I am the butterfly of my dreams,
I invite all those who hope as I do to join me in this journey,
for the future is ours,
Our hope will cradle the fears of many and bring peace into the hearts of all things living,
Life's petals provide nourishment for all we could ever need...
Close your eyes and Open your Self

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~~Home Sweet Home~~

I am home; finally home... a home to call my own.. oh the sweet independence and freedom. I am so proud and humbled. I asked and received. My home is filled with fresh opportunity to further discover the depths of my path.....I love looking out my windows, saying good night to my sweet child and snuggling into my pile of covers...working on it was a bit of a roller coaster ride emotionally, but now I am here and all is well.....I am where I want to be......I have succeeded in my

quest which only brings me closer to my next... this house is my stepping stone and I am so GRATEFUL for it!!!!!!!

We ripped out carpet, painted walls, laid new flooring, slept in a room with just enough flooring for the bed and we love it!!! It's done now and I love the security I step into each time we step into her open arms.

From hopelessness and despair to Pride, Faith, and Certainty. I find myself surrounded by love and friends and I breathe it in with every thought. For the first time in my entire life... Everything is Perfect.