Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow represents four years of my sons life; four years from the morning I spent numerous hours in a euphoric pain, like no other in this world, that I reminisce about with a smile.

My son is my saving Grace, he has shaped my life and passions more than I think I ever could for him; I am grateful to him- my teacher, my love, my son.

I never saw my future through glasses that would lead me here, but now that I am here the sun is brighter than it ever was, the days are more glorious than ever before, the love is deeper and stronger, ever encompassing, than I have ever known, the Possibilities are abundant and laid before my feet in every direction,

My path is laden with cloud filled hope, I find faith in all I feel, I love all who become a part of my journey and I am thankful for those who hold me when I fall, to them I bow gracefully in honor of their kindness; a fading characteristic in so many,

I am astounded by this life I call my own, it has been shaped and molded into this incredible creation in which no forethought was needed, I am going to celebrate, in simple words, the day of my sons birth, but simple it is not, for it represents the complex truths of my life which are ever-reaching greater lengths,

I smile, for I know I am loved and I love as deeply in return- Thank you

On Monday I surrounded myself with people who love me and I in return hold deeply in my heart, We celebrated my birth which I find myself more thankful for each and every day, I see each day as opportunity and relish in the days memories each night, I felt so honored to be surrounded by an Energy Called Love for an evening, it was a beautiful Night...
My 26 years have been blessed in so many ways, I look forward to each new day and the friends that I have been lucky enough to have enter my life and share my joy- It is incredible the shifts that occur when we open ourselves for relationships in any and every form....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parting isn't so Sweet

I know many people, too many I suppose, I hate goodbyes, but when death takes someone I love on a Journey they must walk alone, I am left here in reality, frozen like stone, tears spill down my cheeks and thoughts flood my mind, some things cannot be changed, I cradle my head in my hand as if this will provide some relief, you were supposed to be here for my birthday, we were supposed to look for trim, I don't want to say goodbye if I don't ever get to say it again, Thank you for all the time you gave me, I dare say it wasn't enough, I will never forget, how warm your smile always was, I will always be your Honey~Babe and keep you in my thoughts, Thank you for your time and memories that were made, until we meet again, I guess this is goodbye. I love you Uncle...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Pizza for Dinner

OK, so it didn't really taste like drippy soy smothering tapioca crust, but it was DELICIOUS!!

I had some left over cracker- thingys so I did pizza last night. I thought it was amazing and so unbelievably filling!! At least Travinn took a few bites before saying he didn't like it!! Oh well, he's a tuff crowd! The more things I create, the more fun I have with it- It's incredible the possibilities when most people think, no meat? what do you eat?

Too Funny!!!
Pizza Quickie:
Crust from Oatmeal Cookies (in earlier blog)- minus the dates
Dehydrate crust til chewy or super-dry depending on your preference
Cheese- processed pine nuts with a little garlic; spread on pizza
top with some tomatoes, onion,mushrooms and spinach then blend some avocado- guacamole style and spread on top- really easy, enjoy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day One of Determination

So I have decided to give in to the push. My goal is at least 6 months af pure rawness. Ah, I am scared to say it out loud, I have been mostly raw for over a year, spent a few straight months fully emerged in the joy of it; but always gave in to stupid cravings.

Well today I started my morning with a shot of wheat grass and a green smoothie, Delicious!!!!
Green Smoothie
8oz Water
Big Handful of Spinach
1 Apple
Juice of 1 Tangerine
2 Frozen Bananas
Big Spinach Salad with hemp seeds, flax meal and flax oil- Awesome lunch, I sat in the bath tub and thouroughly enjoyed the meal!!
Figs for a snack and Purple Cabbage and Guacamole for Dinner- A wonderful Day!!!
And to top it off when we arrived home, I was able to let my son play on the back porch in total confidence that we are safe here, that this is our place of security. And damn it feels good!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where Thoughts Meet Action

Summer is upon us..well as spring goes for Alaska, it is in the 40's and snow is starting to melt! I spent Sunday outside trying to determine what sort of yard I have! Slowly but surely the ice is being chipped away from the back porch, I stood out there with my eyes closed and let the sun seep into my body numerous times; it felt heavenly.
I bought a wheat-grass juicer and Travin found it quite fun to be a part of the process, he juiced my first 1/2 shot of wheat grass, I was so pleased, he however was a little suprised by the taste!!!!!
I am enjoying the sunshine and prospect of what garden adventures lye before us, definitely building a wooden teepee in the center of it, for now this is all I know...
Also going to Raw Spirit in September and I am ready for the excitement and love it will offer...I am stoked; what else can I say?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oatmeal Ala Wonderful (Cookie or Cereal)

Servings: 3-5
This was originally going to be my fix for a snicker-doodle cookie craving, but when I took a bite of the batter I realized I had never tasted oatmeal this good in all my life!!!! So It can be served as an awesome breakfast cereal or throw it in the dehydrater for cookies or bars!!! A little bit is filling so it can serve quite a few people!! You could also Change out the oats for another soaked or sprouted grain, add osme fruit, whatever makes you smile!!!

1 cu. Oat Groats

1 cu. Almonds

1/4 cu. Flax Meal

10 Medjool Dates & 8oz. Warm/hot water

2-3 Tbs. Cinnamon

1 Vanilla Bean

Soak Oats, Almonds & Dates overnightProcess Almonds after rinsing well & draining until broken down really well, Add Oats after rinsing well & draining, process,Add Dates AND the soak water (processing dates with water seperately until smooth then adding is a nifty trick that keeps chunks out of the mix),Add FlaxAdd cinnamon and scrape Vanilla Bean a few times into mix-

Process until dough like, eat as cereal or dehydrate at 115* until you get the dryness or gooeyness you want

Apple-Cinnamon Sprouted Quinoa Delight

Servings: 8-10
This is a wonderful dessert, like an Apple-Pie, you could throw a crust under it if you want, I enjoyed it without. Perfect Holiday or potluck dish!!! Easily made without the added nuts, just so versatile, simple and Delicious
2-3 cu. Quionoa
3 Apples
7 Dates(soaked)
1/2 cu. Apricots (dried)
1/2 cu. crushed walnuts
1/2 cu. Raisins
Agave- to taste
2 Tbs. Cinnamon
Few sprinkles of Vanilla Bean
Sprout Quinoa, takes about 2 days, Put in a large bowl, Add chopped Walnuts, Raisins and Chopped Apricots
Process:Apples, Dates (save soak water), Agave, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Bean- Use date water to make mixture creamy texture

Add Processed Ingredients to bowl of Quinoa and mix well, serve in pie pan or individual bowls, most of all close your eyes and savour the flavour!!!!

Rawlicious Springtime!!!

The view this morning as I was making Snnicker Doodle Rawies!!! Through the screen and window, yet still so magnificant!

Loving His Popsicle

My Sweet Boy, Drinking in a small glass of Wonderful

I am loving Life...Every Minute of it, I am enjoying the tug by the raw foods concept, it just won't stop!!! So I bow gracefully and CREATE!!!!

I am trying to keep my son involved, we began as meat eaters, became mostly vegan, now I am throwing raw at him, thats alot to take in for anyone, especially if your 3!!!

But as fate would have it the other day he wanted to make popsicles, so we blended bananas and strawberries and froze em! So easy and I got about 10 hugs in the process because he was so excited about it! We also juiced some apples after our crop of wheat grass turned out to be 1 drop of juice!!!! Better luck next time I suppose, but he loved the apple juice too!

Enjoy the pictures, they were taken with excitement and a sense of peace in my heart, my son is walking this journey with me and I believe he is as much here for me as I am for him!!!