Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear God, Thank You

Thank you god of infinite love, kindness, opportunity and abundance for sending me a mirror. When I look into the mirror so many sames are reflected back to me, it draws me in, pulling me closer to its truth, it's the differences that illuminate my dark and remind me it still lives within, dormant as it may lye, it exists and I am prepared to embrace and release, The mirror ever so lovingly brings to the forefront my judgements and desire, I must weave my desire into my reality and accept the things I have asked for will be given, all possibility lies in my ability to accept, I choose kindness, love, acceptance and understanding, Remembering that this package is unlike any I have ever received before is my challenge, to look upon my mirror and allow the form of this gift to be a part of the gift itself, to accept that it is new, wonderful and unknown, to allow my desires to be fulfilled, to look upon my mirror with fresh eyes awaiting truth, to be in harmony with my deepest desires, to allow this river to take me without swimming against the current, I am the leaf, floating on the ripples of the waters, being carried home... Thank you dear sweet mirror, your kindness is a gift I treasure.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How did I get Here?

Bunny hugger- Tree hugger- Granola- Health Nut...yaddayadda.....damn, I am that girl, (thank my god!!!) that girl with a conscious, a brain, thoughts, opinions oh yes and ACTION!!

I am here because of the powerful impact so many people I have loved gave me when they left this physical world. These are a few of them...

1. My Grandpa Go-Go- We called him go-go because by the time he could only say one word it was go-go-go. My grandfather was exposed to many chemicals working back in the day and he slowly lost his ability to communicate, to remember, to use the bathroom, to feed himself, to function as an adult. He was the first person close to me to die. My grandmother changed his diapers, we found him on the side of the road one day because he had wandered off and couldn't communicate to authorities who he was or where he was going. (too many toxins)

2. My Grammy- it was an off and on in and out of the hospital, then the final 2 months in the hospital every organ slowly shutting down, i watched as she deteriorated and pleaded, 'Kandy I don't wanna die'' Kandy, do you pray? will you please pray for me?' she wanted to live. she was scared to die. I watched as she took her last raspy breaths and a part of me died with her, that innocence in me, that feeling of everything will be okay, it all went away. she lived a life full of family and love, but also meat, ice cream, candy, soda, smoking, all the normal American past times and habits, and all the typical American ailments to go with it.

3. James- 9 years old. Cancer, for the second time. We used to babysit him all the time along with his sister, he was 9 years old and conventional medicine let him die. allowed him to die because they offered no hope; because they knew nothing of nutrition or prevention, because our medical profession deals and wheels hopelessness.

4. Papa- This was the only time in my life where a phone call dropped me to my knees. He told me he had a good 15 more years and I took his word for it, I believed him because it was too hard to not have my Grammy already. His heart was weak and he had numerous surgeries on it, little did he know what I know now, there is a lifestyle of diet and herbs that would have helped his heart build strength and flexibility, and although I believe he died of a broken heart, it didn't have to be when he was only 70 years old.

5. Cadence- A baby girl no more than 5 months old, murdered by her father. This man was so unbalanced in his head that he took his own child's life, the details would twist the stomach of even the most heartless person. This imbalance comes from the way we are living, the chemicals in our bodies from food, cosmetics, pollution, so called medicine that is nothing but poison.

6. Grandma Lisa- Brain Tumor- watched as she slowly stopped making sense, as she ate her last chocolate candy's that she loved, I wonder had she known that sugar increases the multiplication rate of cancer cells 8 times that of a low glycemic food, would she have eaten differently? there are herbs and diet changes that have helped stop cancer growth, reverse it, and allowed miracles to take place, she could have been one, but without this hidden knowledge how will people ever know?

7. Kathy- This is the hardest death I have ever had to deal with, I didn't get to say good bye, tell her how much I love her or offer her another option. She died of cancer, quickly after being told the hopeless prognosis, alcohol and Tylenol can get you there too.

My life of depression, wanting to die since I was about 12 years old, constant mood swings, excessive weight gain, crippling asthma, anger towards everyone and everything, this isn't my life anymore, because I discovered how to be happy. Look within yourself. Eat a diet of healing foods. Cleanse your body of toxic build up, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Don't be another statistic, when you can be a miracle.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eating Ourselves into Misery & Disease?

The past 7 years I have been on a path from Hell to Wellness. I find myself standing in a balancing yoga pose quite often & didn't realize til yesterday that I do this everyday in an obvious attempt to remain in balance, and it works well for me.
The other factor in my new found balance is the way I eat. Raw living foods. Let me rephrase that, Raw-Uncooked-Undead, Living- Nutrient Packed- Enzyme filled- Easily Digestible- Cancer Fighting- Immune Enhancing-Low Calorie- Antioxidant- Foods.
A diet full of Nuts, Seeds, Greens, Veggies, Sprouts, Green Smoothies, Raw Chocolate and fresh Fruits. This diet is like a spa treatment for the body, like giving it the finest, purest fuel possible. Eating processed, refined, nutrient void, fried, overcooked, homogenized, pasteurized, de-energized, radiated, plastic coated, stripped-
foods is killing us,

Drugs are a means of numbing, as with every emotional issue, when we numb ourselves to it, it eventually backfires, same with pharmaceuticals, doctors, lobbyist, pharmacists, these people are not your loved ones with your best interest in heart, they are strangers earning a pay check, you are a number. Trust your self, empower yourself with knowledge and take responsibility for your health and well being. Mentally and Physically.Food is our medicine.

Healing takes time and most people want a quick fix magicpill, that pill is an illusion and will lead you t o the road of disease if you are not already there. We don't put things together like we should so let me lay it out for you-

Lifetime of Poor Eating+ Drugs i.e. Medications (poison)= Illness
S0 lets change the world, one person at a time, begin with you. Eat healthy healing foods, don't take drugs, and Be Healthy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chocolate Love with Coconut Sprinkles

This is My Best Friend Ever- Jess, she looked amazing on her wedding day and had the most creative wedding ever! I made these (raw) cookies for her reception/ Cookie bar after her wedding last weekend and quite frankly, I did a little stalking of the table to gauge peoples reactions and they loved them!!
This wedding had the highest energy of any wedding I have ever been a part of, the love was thick and I swear to you I left Love-Drunk, and danced all night long on this amazing high. Just a note- To Jess & Andy, You two are incredible people full of love, life and still keep it real, I LOVE that!! I am so happy for you to have found each other, You can see the support between you guys even if you two are a room apart, I hope to find something as Real as what you guys have oneday. Your souls are kindred and it is obvious, I love you.
To the recipe!!! (before I get too sappy)
These cookies are chocolatey, gooey, coconutty awesomeness!!!
I didn't measure anything so you will have to do it to taste!!!
Sunflower seeds, soaked
pumpkin seeds, soaked
flax meal (ground flax seed)
{combine in food processor}

Add in cacao powder
Agave nectar
pinch of sea salt
almond/ peanut/ cashew butter (whichever you like the most)
make balls and roll into shredded unsulphured, raw coconut , you can freeze and serve gooey or dehydrate for a dryer cookie, enjoy!!!