Monday, February 9, 2009

Time to Stand

Yeah I'm tired,
Of sweeping this SHIT under the rug,
I keep tripping over it & The fall is not FUN,
The view down here is getting played out,
Time to stand up,
Enough is Enough,
I'm about to pull the rug from under your feet & watch you crash,
Yeah, I'm tired of sweeping this shit under the rug,
I've only got me to blame,
But lately I have felt so drained,
Trying to find the strength to lift up the corner,
To shout it out loud and stand by my words,
I'm tired of sweeping shit under the rug,
For too long; too many times,
It's time to stand up and WALK AWAY.

{Always Hope, Believe & Love}

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a Delicious Day

My day started with a little tizzy and major frustration for no reason, got through the day calmed myself. and made it to yoga after work.
Did some twists, some head stands and hip openers, A perfect way to end the day!
Today is day 14 of raw loveliness, feel fantastic- moody moody moody. Everything feels so serious and then I am laughing at myself. I am also cleansing my liver so the two combined have made for an interesting ride!!! I am enjoying it though.
I ate the most incredible salad for dinner- it is an incredible treat!!! Spinach leaves, banana, avocado, yellow onion, pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper and a dab of sea salt and a little flax oil- DIVINE!!!! The perfect combo of sweet and spice!!! Create it and Enjoy it!!! My day is perfect. All is well. May love surround your heart when you read this. ~Kandis

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Also this is my niece or nephew, I am very excited to meet this being of unconditional love and light.

Don't Bring Me Down Baby!!

This window represent my future. Its my front window looking out. I am ready. so ready.
This was my contribution to the Vegan Potluck last night, oh how I love beautiful food. I am one of those girls with a weird food fetish, i love it!!! The sauce is just pureed banana with agave and the one on the left has some carob powder- Oh so delicious- especially on spinach!!!
And to my point, try to bring me down, go ahead. But FUCK YOU. I will raise my son how I see fit, we will have fun and I will respect him. Something I have noticed is how people will tell you your not right in the things you do with your child because they never respected theirs; They see their children as lower level humans. My son is my gift, I respect and love him and nothing I do should be seen as wrong because it comes from a loving stand point. its just life- don't be so serious. Enjoy It. I know as mother, I teach my son, i guide him to make good decisions, i shape his life, but I am not better and above him. I learn everyday from my wild child and once in a while mom can encourage some creative outlets even if it is markers on skin- Who Cares, no harm done!!!! Any how I am so tired of someone else who has no place to do so, telling me what I am doing wrong and how I should be doing things with my child- Look at yourself my friend.
Ah and brunch!!! Mushrooms, tomatoes, Avocado, Sprinkled with sea salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper, and a few pine nuts- Stirred and devoured!!!!