Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a Delicious Day

My day started with a little tizzy and major frustration for no reason, got through the day calmed myself. and made it to yoga after work.
Did some twists, some head stands and hip openers, A perfect way to end the day!
Today is day 14 of raw loveliness, feel fantastic- moody moody moody. Everything feels so serious and then I am laughing at myself. I am also cleansing my liver so the two combined have made for an interesting ride!!! I am enjoying it though.
I ate the most incredible salad for dinner- it is an incredible treat!!! Spinach leaves, banana, avocado, yellow onion, pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper and a dab of sea salt and a little flax oil- DIVINE!!!! The perfect combo of sweet and spice!!! Create it and Enjoy it!!! My day is perfect. All is well. May love surround your heart when you read this. ~Kandis

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