Monday, December 7, 2009

The Key Ingredient to Joy: RAW Foods!

I'm finding inspiration all around me, In the simple things!
I love my son dearly. He is my inspiration for choosing a life lived to the highest potential. It is so easy to feed your kid healthy snacks and meals, be creative, make it fun, a melon bowl is a blast for toddlers! Start with fruits and veggie sticks, make fun shapes out of them, have a green smoothie tea party with your kids!!! Have fun and they will carry it with them into their adult lives!

Ooh lala! My first Yogurt experience!
Strawberry Coconut Frozen Yogurt
Coconut Yogurt:
Meat of 3 young coconuts
3 capsules of probiotics
blended until creamy, placed in bowl with cover and set out at room temperature for 2-3 days
* will be quite sour
When done, blend yogurt with frozen strawberries, sweetener optional; use agave or soaked dates or raw honey!
So delicious, simple and good for you!!

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