Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breathe & Focus!

From time to time I feel a bit lost, a bit challenged, then I wait, not always so patiently, for the clouds to clear away and for my path to be illuminated. I look around at whats normal, by that I mean mainstream, average, the norms of our society & I have strayed from so many of those, the biggest challenge in straying; sometimes you feel so damn alone & isolated. If I wandered back into the norms of society as well as the norms of my past, I would be denying myself my own truth, and in self-deception, I find no joy, no comfort, no wellness, no love or hope.
So all though sometimes I feel like running away from society and hiding amongst the trees, I stay, I find purpose and I am here to offer help. I have a head full of knowledge, resources, lifestyle experience and I LOVE sharing my wealth. The problem is as human beings we want to help those closest to us, the ones we love and care about the most, yet the ones we are here to help are simply the ones who seek help, which may or may not be the ones we love. Don't get me wrong I have seen the ripple effect that example creates and it is a beautiful thing, I offer myself to the betterment of anyone who seeks, but I can no longer focus energy in directions that lead no where. I seek those who seek change in their lives, I allow these people to be drawn to me and I offer all I have to give.
I am ready to actively offer myself to people who desire the change. To make the effort to be known, to share freely information that has transformed my life. I find purpose in teaching, sharing, loving, caring. These things line my path to be walked in this lifetime, I see them, I accept them and now I move forward with more determination and certainty than I have known before.
My life has changed in fantastic ways, I have released habits, depression, weight, family, material possessions, things that do not serve me; now I fill my life with love, joy, fulfillment, happiness. I have gained immeasurable amounts of truth, honesty and love, the ability to think clearly, to love fully; it is amazing what we can do as humble human beings. Focus inward and truly meet yourself, let the fear subside, you are a beautiful being of light, let your light shine.
I do not need to fit a category of beauty or eat like everyone else or approve of others choices or hope people approve of mine, I live in my truth and pray others see the benefits of wellness, it is not a part of your life, it is your life and with improvement and growth in one area, change begins to spread through your being and you become more whole.

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Anonymous said...

You are pure beauty!