Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bitter-Sweet Twist

I am Yogi-Goddess dripping wet from melting into my divine,
I caress the joy pouring over my heart with my fingers like waves across the sea, for now I remember, there is me and only me...
Bitter sweet are those chunks of reality we bite into time to time,
Can't say I really mind,
another feeling to feel another life intertwined,
The emotions are raw,
like salt inside my wounds,
I love deeply,
Never minding if it only lasts a moment,
My love is so abundant and rarely ever wise,
Do I rush into emotions or did I simply drag you in?
Right place wrong time,
maybe the other way around?
I love the magnetism between us,
that I cant deny,
I already miss your arms around me and the heat of your body warming mine,
But I've noticed the way we swim against the current,
It will tire us pushing us downstream,
In the end we'll be exhausted,
And the fire will have died down,
And in the ashes what could remain,
but some joyous tears, gratitude and pain,
Not to say I am not intrigued enough to try,
Sometimes the path is covered in debris,
but below the surface is something so grand to see,
I am waiting for my next cue,
A new page to my philosphy,
While I wait (somewhat) patiently to see...

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