Monday, October 5, 2009

Releasing and Reacting with Forethought

I find that my fears are continually reflected back to me in every relationship I encounter, friendships, work relationships, romance, all of them bring up the issues I need to release from my self. It is such free flowing work, everyday I grow immensely and this forward momentum feels fantastic, frustrating from time to time, but fantastic.
I finally feel I have the support I need in my life to grow in healthy ways that benefit not only myself but all of my relationships.
I create my reality and I carry in me the knowledge that the Universe delivers to me the things I truly want and need, for all of these blessings I am so grateful.
I choose to meet you in the here and now, the you you are in the present day, my gift to you, lets walk forward and allow the shaping of our lives to be as it is and create new, allow the past to quietly live where it belongs and not be a shadow on the present or future.
I choose to act not defensively, as has been my habit for years, but to react and act with forethought about who I truly am and what I truly want. Sounds simple but treating others as you'd want to be treated is usually what we lack. We tend to project and displace and act in fear...I choose not to.

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