Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eating Ourselves into Misery & Disease?

The past 7 years I have been on a path from Hell to Wellness. I find myself standing in a balancing yoga pose quite often & didn't realize til yesterday that I do this everyday in an obvious attempt to remain in balance, and it works well for me.
The other factor in my new found balance is the way I eat. Raw living foods. Let me rephrase that, Raw-Uncooked-Undead, Living- Nutrient Packed- Enzyme filled- Easily Digestible- Cancer Fighting- Immune Enhancing-Low Calorie- Antioxidant- Foods.
A diet full of Nuts, Seeds, Greens, Veggies, Sprouts, Green Smoothies, Raw Chocolate and fresh Fruits. This diet is like a spa treatment for the body, like giving it the finest, purest fuel possible. Eating processed, refined, nutrient void, fried, overcooked, homogenized, pasteurized, de-energized, radiated, plastic coated, stripped-
foods is killing us,

Drugs are a means of numbing, as with every emotional issue, when we numb ourselves to it, it eventually backfires, same with pharmaceuticals, doctors, lobbyist, pharmacists, these people are not your loved ones with your best interest in heart, they are strangers earning a pay check, you are a number. Trust your self, empower yourself with knowledge and take responsibility for your health and well being. Mentally and Physically.Food is our medicine.

Healing takes time and most people want a quick fix magicpill, that pill is an illusion and will lead you t o the road of disease if you are not already there. We don't put things together like we should so let me lay it out for you-

Lifetime of Poor Eating+ Drugs i.e. Medications (poison)= Illness
S0 lets change the world, one person at a time, begin with you. Eat healthy healing foods, don't take drugs, and Be Healthy.

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