Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear God, Thank You

Thank you god of infinite love, kindness, opportunity and abundance for sending me a mirror. When I look into the mirror so many sames are reflected back to me, it draws me in, pulling me closer to its truth, it's the differences that illuminate my dark and remind me it still lives within, dormant as it may lye, it exists and I am prepared to embrace and release, The mirror ever so lovingly brings to the forefront my judgements and desire, I must weave my desire into my reality and accept the things I have asked for will be given, all possibility lies in my ability to accept, I choose kindness, love, acceptance and understanding, Remembering that this package is unlike any I have ever received before is my challenge, to look upon my mirror and allow the form of this gift to be a part of the gift itself, to accept that it is new, wonderful and unknown, to allow my desires to be fulfilled, to look upon my mirror with fresh eyes awaiting truth, to be in harmony with my deepest desires, to allow this river to take me without swimming against the current, I am the leaf, floating on the ripples of the waters, being carried home... Thank you dear sweet mirror, your kindness is a gift I treasure.

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