Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tell me can you hear me?

I am riding my positive pony down the street,
through the cob webs of relationships past,
Wondering when I am going to get my chance,
When my toung is going to spill the magic I need to win this game,
When my heart will open and reach out and touch your hand,
When will you be real,
A part of me,
When will I stop chasing and be completely happy,
I love where i am,
But there's another branch ahead,
And although I look at it with caution and reach out in hesitation,
I reach, I am reaching, but the branch seems further out of reach,
And when I grab it; will it break,
Will it hold me like I need?
I want to be held in a blur of passion,
For love so grand I float into the heavens,
For a piece so right i see me in him and him in I,
I want so many things but my tongue and heart deceive me,
I am letting go of fear, of patience and desire,
Letting go and falling in,
allowing these waves to carry me once again,
I don't know who you are but hope one day we can fall into each others arms because I am weary of waiting and sewing my tongue back on

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