Monday, November 2, 2009

Holding Fast to My Beliefs

I offer no apologies for the choices I make in life. And against the grain is how I roll, not because its easy, no, ignorance is blissful, Too bad I am way beyond that! Its difficult being the minority, an entire society of norms that I won't be a part of, its not easy. But the rewards I reap for my persistence are awe inspiring.
I came from the life of misery, depression, obesity, hopelessness, asthma, disconnect....All of these things are a part of peoples everyday lives, not ours, and they shouldn't be a part of yours either. I make my choices to honor my body and spirit, the spirit I was once lost from. A will not falter for I cannot fail.
Yesterday I was mocked because I made a comment about a cooked dish sounding good! Well this particular dish is something that has very nostalgic memories of family, love and my grandparents, I did not eat it, but yesterday it sounded real good; however my thoughts always spin past a craving into, 'how will my body react to this?' and it wouldn't be good. Yesterday I had the best Sunday morning I recall, laying in the arms of love, gazing into the eyes of honesty and understanding, walking away from that joy and into a house of mockery and judgement really doesn't work for me, I don't deserve to be ridiculed for personal lifestyle choices that don't even affect these people (well maybe it does on an internal level, I suspect my choices create an avenue for them to look at their own choices and possibly thats where the resentment comes from).
I choose beneficial foods to put in my body, I am more in touch with my spirit, my true desires in life, and all of my family here on earth vibrating at a higher frequency than the 'most.' I created my life and to be where I am feels glorious. I will not live in a house with chemicals, they are unnecessary, harmful and toxic not only to the earth but to our own health; there are alternatives. I will not wash my body or slather my body in toxic cosmetics and body products. I will not raise my self or my son in a house where coffee, soda, dairy, commercially farmed animal products and junk food are staples. Our home should be a reflection of our body- not full of harmful substances that disconnect us from our higher selves and hold the potential to kill us. And trust me they do! You can find this out on your own if you simply remove the pollutants from your life, emotional, chemical, dietary, and relationship. One huge pollutant is negativity, another thing I can't raise my consciousness or my sons in the constant presence of. I don't watch the news, I don't listen to death metal, these things are filled with energy sucking negativity- what happy person needs that?

I am unwavering, not close minded, on my choices to detoxify my life in every aspect, So far I have found it easiest to live alone. I get lonely, but I will not settle for less than I deserve. (this is general by the way, not directed at anyone) I hope for consciousness to attract its way to me and I am so grateful for my raw community, although lately I have been a little closed in, but I am missing them already!
Surround yourself with love, nature and positive relationships and let your light shine!

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I love reading about your personal growth. Its so important to stand your ground ! People are always trying to chastise you when your on the top of your game. But just dust your shoulders off. I miss you also. Focus on your goals. You are always in my thoughts.
Love you