Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day One of Determination

So I have decided to give in to the push. My goal is at least 6 months af pure rawness. Ah, I am scared to say it out loud, I have been mostly raw for over a year, spent a few straight months fully emerged in the joy of it; but always gave in to stupid cravings.

Well today I started my morning with a shot of wheat grass and a green smoothie, Delicious!!!!
Green Smoothie
8oz Water
Big Handful of Spinach
1 Apple
Juice of 1 Tangerine
2 Frozen Bananas
Big Spinach Salad with hemp seeds, flax meal and flax oil- Awesome lunch, I sat in the bath tub and thouroughly enjoyed the meal!!
Figs for a snack and Purple Cabbage and Guacamole for Dinner- A wonderful Day!!!
And to top it off when we arrived home, I was able to let my son play on the back porch in total confidence that we are safe here, that this is our place of security. And damn it feels good!!!!

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