Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow represents four years of my sons life; four years from the morning I spent numerous hours in a euphoric pain, like no other in this world, that I reminisce about with a smile.

My son is my saving Grace, he has shaped my life and passions more than I think I ever could for him; I am grateful to him- my teacher, my love, my son.

I never saw my future through glasses that would lead me here, but now that I am here the sun is brighter than it ever was, the days are more glorious than ever before, the love is deeper and stronger, ever encompassing, than I have ever known, the Possibilities are abundant and laid before my feet in every direction,

My path is laden with cloud filled hope, I find faith in all I feel, I love all who become a part of my journey and I am thankful for those who hold me when I fall, to them I bow gracefully in honor of their kindness; a fading characteristic in so many,

I am astounded by this life I call my own, it has been shaped and molded into this incredible creation in which no forethought was needed, I am going to celebrate, in simple words, the day of my sons birth, but simple it is not, for it represents the complex truths of my life which are ever-reaching greater lengths,

I smile, for I know I am loved and I love as deeply in return- Thank you

On Monday I surrounded myself with people who love me and I in return hold deeply in my heart, We celebrated my birth which I find myself more thankful for each and every day, I see each day as opportunity and relish in the days memories each night, I felt so honored to be surrounded by an Energy Called Love for an evening, it was a beautiful Night...
My 26 years have been blessed in so many ways, I look forward to each new day and the friends that I have been lucky enough to have enter my life and share my joy- It is incredible the shifts that occur when we open ourselves for relationships in any and every form....

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