Monday, April 6, 2009

Where Thoughts Meet Action

Summer is upon us..well as spring goes for Alaska, it is in the 40's and snow is starting to melt! I spent Sunday outside trying to determine what sort of yard I have! Slowly but surely the ice is being chipped away from the back porch, I stood out there with my eyes closed and let the sun seep into my body numerous times; it felt heavenly.
I bought a wheat-grass juicer and Travin found it quite fun to be a part of the process, he juiced my first 1/2 shot of wheat grass, I was so pleased, he however was a little suprised by the taste!!!!!
I am enjoying the sunshine and prospect of what garden adventures lye before us, definitely building a wooden teepee in the center of it, for now this is all I know...
Also going to Raw Spirit in September and I am ready for the excitement and love it will offer...I am stoked; what else can I say?

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