Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parting isn't so Sweet

I know many people, too many I suppose, I hate goodbyes, but when death takes someone I love on a Journey they must walk alone, I am left here in reality, frozen like stone, tears spill down my cheeks and thoughts flood my mind, some things cannot be changed, I cradle my head in my hand as if this will provide some relief, you were supposed to be here for my birthday, we were supposed to look for trim, I don't want to say goodbye if I don't ever get to say it again, Thank you for all the time you gave me, I dare say it wasn't enough, I will never forget, how warm your smile always was, I will always be your Honey~Babe and keep you in my thoughts, Thank you for your time and memories that were made, until we meet again, I guess this is goodbye. I love you Uncle...

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