Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Pizza for Dinner

OK, so it didn't really taste like drippy soy smothering tapioca crust, but it was DELICIOUS!!

I had some left over cracker- thingys so I did pizza last night. I thought it was amazing and so unbelievably filling!! At least Travinn took a few bites before saying he didn't like it!! Oh well, he's a tuff crowd! The more things I create, the more fun I have with it- It's incredible the possibilities when most people think, no meat? what do you eat?

Too Funny!!!
Pizza Quickie:
Crust from Oatmeal Cookies (in earlier blog)- minus the dates
Dehydrate crust til chewy or super-dry depending on your preference
Cheese- processed pine nuts with a little garlic; spread on pizza
top with some tomatoes, onion,mushrooms and spinach then blend some avocado- guacamole style and spread on top- really easy, enjoy

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