Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oatmeal Ala Wonderful (Cookie or Cereal)

Servings: 3-5
This was originally going to be my fix for a snicker-doodle cookie craving, but when I took a bite of the batter I realized I had never tasted oatmeal this good in all my life!!!! So It can be served as an awesome breakfast cereal or throw it in the dehydrater for cookies or bars!!! A little bit is filling so it can serve quite a few people!! You could also Change out the oats for another soaked or sprouted grain, add osme fruit, whatever makes you smile!!!

1 cu. Oat Groats

1 cu. Almonds

1/4 cu. Flax Meal

10 Medjool Dates & 8oz. Warm/hot water

2-3 Tbs. Cinnamon

1 Vanilla Bean

Soak Oats, Almonds & Dates overnightProcess Almonds after rinsing well & draining until broken down really well, Add Oats after rinsing well & draining, process,Add Dates AND the soak water (processing dates with water seperately until smooth then adding is a nifty trick that keeps chunks out of the mix),Add FlaxAdd cinnamon and scrape Vanilla Bean a few times into mix-

Process until dough like, eat as cereal or dehydrate at 115* until you get the dryness or gooeyness you want

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