Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Sweet Chia Seed (salba)

I have been eating chia breakfast for a few weeks now, not today obviously because i am fasting, however I am missing it! I love how versatile it is. As a cold cereal I just add water, let it gel up,
throw some agave and cinnamon on it, stir and enjoy It is exceptionally great texture wise if you add some sprouted buckwheat and hemp seeds!!

Puddings and 'Jellos' are easily made with the gelatinous goo created by mixing chia with a liquid! Throw it in your smoothies, eat a teaspoon of it everyday- it is phenomenal. I crave it now, my finger nails are strong and long, inflammation in my lungs has improved and lets just say, what a great source of fiber!!! Everyone needs chia!!!

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