Thursday, June 4, 2009

Standing Centered

The sky was smiling that day!!
In Hatchers, doing Boy things with my son-shine!

Enjoying the River

What a difference a few days and some strong affirmations and intentions make. I am already appreciating my son and whole life situation more. I am excited about the adventure I am embarking on. I choose to be with people that appreciate me, for some reason I; momentarily mind you, thought I would enjoy the company of someone taking me for granted. What a feeling of emptiness I am not willing to seek again!

I realize from time to time bushes in my path may become overgrown and hinder my view, but my heart is my Source of infinate light and will always gently push me around. For my heart and inner guidance I am so Thankful. {pause for silence}

I watched a fantastic and motivating video last night by Victoria Boutenko, [] she is a fabulous person and I suggest everyone interested in raw foods watch it, it is simple yet so fulfilling. I am also reading her son and daughter's book Eating without Heating, in it Sergei said something most people may overlook, but to me it stood out in Bold and spoke to my spirit; it answered a question I spin from time to time in the web I call my mind, he said "When we are sincere, people gravitate towards us."

I have found this so true in the past few years, not only in my self, but in others around me. There is a natural attraction to honesty and a tendency to seek it, even in those who choose deception. Their book gives me hope raising my son and knowing deep down he is destined for some pretty out of the ordinary life experiences, he is a bird and I know before long he will be soaring far away on many adventures, I remain his roots. My family is my home.
Yesterday something quite profound happenedd to me. Someone I care so deeply about asked for my help. They even wrote down some healing foods I suggested and is ready for change. I fear this person is on a long road to recovery for the lifestyle they have chosen for their past lead them here; I always have hope and am grateful for this opportunity. I feel like my entire family is finally forming as one, joining on a similar path of healing. As a child I would have never imagined us here, so what a beautiful surprise it has been!!

In the past week I have obstained from solid foods, dry brushed every morning, did a colonic yesterday, oil pulled this morning, drank Pau D' Arco Tea everyday, got back in the groove with my schooling, finishing some unfinished projects, Spent time in Hatchers Pass, have done some enzyme therapy and spent much time in deep thought and intention.
***I am Centered***

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