Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sideshow We Call Medicine

Hold your tongue Kandis,
Keep it in,
This is Her body and experience,
well actually it was also my nephews experience, but I'm sure with pride he will be able to say, yeah I was high before I was even born!!! Yay!!!
Nothing is more frustrating than watching someone make choices that shouldn't even be available,
Sedating, (the nurses words) drugging & poisoning my unborn nephew, how is this okay?
It is infuriating listening to the drug dealers peddle their goods every chance they get,
they carry the title nurse, so it's okay?
I can imagine the horror to a nurse if a woman in labor was smoking tobacco or a joint or hitting the crack pipe for that matter, but its okay to pour our drugs into your veins so they can run through the blood stream of you and your unborn! It's Truly a TRAGEDY.
Its a side-show out of control,
This circus we call America, every where I turn its drugs this, drugs that, but if the AMA isn't getting a piece of the money, well then by all means let's call those drugs illegal and condemn them as bad,
And ours, ours are good,
yes they destroyed this girls marriage and my son's father, but that must be because they are safe right?
I listened to the nurse tell her 'people that do natural child birth don't do as well because they feel the pain, the drugs help you relax, its better to do it this way.' (gag) 'No you can't eat any fruit although you haven't eaten in over 24 hours, but here have a 7up and a Popsicle, lets spike your blood sugar levels, turn your body acidic, throw some artificial dyes your way, it was disgusting. I am in shock, all they know is drugs, they are so disconnected from life, real life, childbirth is amazing, not a drug induced medical emergency, its insanity, I plan on never being a part of a hospital birth again, it disgusts me.
And to be honest- women, if you have taken drugs during your pregnancy, you disgust me as well, you are too selfish to care about your child, to weak to feel the pain that you are supposed to, too scared to be in tune with your body. I think medicine is great in true emergency situations, and I have seen someone truly need a C-section and I am thankful it was available, but I have also recently witnessed an amazing labor and birth in a room at her house, full of love and support and yes, fruit!!! And it was so peaceful, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey stephanie. I try not to judge harshly, but the poisoning of our children isn't something I can watch in silence. I pray that the people of this nation wake up soon, become conscious, begin to think, because what is being done to our bodies and minds through drugs is a Tragedy, a true and honest tragedy and it hurts those of us conscious enough to see it. If you are going to have a child feed that child nourishment, that isn't found in a needle in a hospital or in a box of macaroni and cheese, think people, THINK!!!!!!

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