Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Raw-Inspired Journey South of My Comfort Level

Higher & higher above the trees and cities,
Wings pierce through the grey into the light above,
We are floating on faith into the world of the sky,
We leave the darkness of the faces saddened without hope into the arms of grace and serenity,
All is perfect here,
There are no worries up here in the heavens,
All is illuminated,
or maybe I am just speaking for me,
I left my armor behind when I stepped foot into my journey and I am renewed,
I am vibrating at a higher frequency and I feel it in all parts of my self and life,
I pray others may feel my light as my joy sweeps their hearts,
I am open,
Honoring my voice and worth,
All doors are open,
And I AM FREE....
{My home for 4 days, incredible and amazing, no buildings, just fresh air and earth}

{The Goddess Song Circle, the Men just rejoined us, Groom covered in Raw Chocolate}

I just got back to Alaska from a vacation by myself, I went to Washington and rode across Oregon with 2 strangers to a festival where I knew no one!!! And it was fantastic.
In Tacoma I stayed with some kick-ass friends of mine, had my first pedicure, did a lot of walking, used public transportation for the first time, went to asian markets, saw a few old friends, went to a park, ate dinner on the water front, kayaked in the Puget sound, enjoyed the sunshine, went to Pikes Place market and a Raw Foods Restaurant in Seattle, and went to an Amazing Korean spa, spent time with my aunt and uncle, met new people, was a part of the amazing Goddess song circle, drank coconut water every chance I got, All the while maintaining a raw food diet, I decided I prefer to eat raw, uncooked, living fresh foods that enhance my mind, body and spirit. People often ask me if I am 'allowed' to eat this or that, absolutely, I am allowed everything, I choose to eat foods that are healing and energetically enhancing and cleansing instead of dead clogging foods that literally, bring me down. All it takes is some consciousness!!!
In Tacoma-Seattle adventures the bus opened my heart up to some extreme sadness, people living in sadness, drug use and anger. I wanted to close my heart and crawl away from this sadness, luckily my timing for all my journey was laid out perfectly, I ended my journey at the RawUnion festival. HOPE RESTORED. A woman named Katie was one of the strangers on the ride down and after arriving the 3 of us parted ways to do different things, so naturally I set up my tent then sat in there trying to convince myself to leave my tent Finally I did and to my surprise Katie was about 30 feet away trying to set up her tent, obviously needing help, I offered, we are now friends. We did some things together but a lot of my time there was spent wandering and listening to lectures, David Wolfe is Incredible- buy his books!!! The wedding I attended was incredible, I experienced an Access treatment to Cleanse my Bars, it was awesome and I received a few messages and felt my body rise to a higher level, as if I was lifted, The love energy there was contagious and uplifting. I spent the last night there dancing to deep lyrics and drumming til 1am. My journey came to a close with an amazing Hand-Holding, Spiraling, Heart to Heart Circle of love.

There is much sadness in our world,
Darkness in hearts of the people,
Struggle in the minds,
Despair where hope should live,
To my Great relief I experienced the true hope of our world,
We are the people,
The ones who spread the hope throughout,
With our love and faith we plant the seeds with every step we take,
We are the healers of this,
We Create consciousness where numbness was lived,
We are the Healers and I realized this with great certainty and clarity,
Allow the consciousness to flow threw and out your mighty vessel,
The frequency was high and the stars shone upon our joy with love,
Lead by example my beloved family,
We are all one,
Provide love and light for those who seek so they may too be a part of the healing,
It is spreading quickly and Our world is Rising,
Always believe,
For truth is always love and WE ARE TRUTH

I have grown from these experiences, I am loving life & My clarity. I encourage everyone to challenge themselves to eat a more whole- Living-Uncooked diet, you will be amazed at the clarity you gain from something so simple as enhanced nutrition!!!!! Ask me about it!!!! Its changing my life everyday!! The vibration of your foods is directly reflected in the vibration of the self & the collective self, if we raise the vibration the ripples will effect all.

Much Love,

{The Oregon Sky above my resting head}

{The dusk on Angel's Organic Farm}

A Delicious fruit salad made by Jessica and Andy, So much thanks and love to them for everything they did for me. They are diamonds in a sky of clouds. I love you both so very much!!!!!

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