Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Vibrations

I love life and above are some photos of the simple things that make my life so wonderful, the silliness, the silence, the sun, my son, our beautiful earth, moments with the ones we love the most, the colors that dance across my eyes when they fall upon the tundra...

I'm vibrating on high lately! Just thinking about the world and how we are all connected and vibrating in the same ball of energy, thinking about how each individuals energy is added to the others to create the overall energy. And how my choices in life contribute. Kirtan is powerful, I can only imagine if the whole world was filled with people loving life and being happy, the world would know no sorrow, we would exist in harmony!

Which leads me to my first reason for this post: DEAD THINGS

Life, Death and Consumption are a cycle. The dirt eats the dead plants and dead animals, Animals eat the dead plants, people eat the dead plants and animals, we all eat each other and putting a veggie in your mouth is still a dead/ dying food. In order to eat meat and plants, we as humans cut them off from their life source and consume them to give us life energy. This is a perfect balance. A few exceptions such as sprouts etc. i don't think meat is a good choice for humans to eat, but its not the killing/ dead part that bothers me. i really don't have a problem with people eating game and fish, that is their choice and i think hunting and fishing can be compared to gardening, working with the food you feel a connection that isn't there in a grocery store.

And on to commercially raised animals and animal by-products. I think this has HUGE impact in the energy of our world, mass amounts of animals being denied a natural environment, injected with hormones and antibiotics, overcrowded, their offspring taken from them, denied personal space, mutilated, beaten, deformed, murdered, and why? Their is no balance in it, no respect, complete disconnect and lack of thought, none of those things contribute any positive energy to the universe, suffering is not a good thing. The health problems associated with the consumption of animal proteins and dairy are overwhelming, its astonishing that we live in such a blind society. We feed food to the animals that could feed the people of their world. i pray people open their eyes and choose not to be a part of such negativity. Animals, like humans deserve life without such sorrow. And be it most people believe humans are somehow above animals, we all live, all things are living and I believe there is a balance in respecting one another, one that is not a part of commercial big industry farming. The sadness of these animals contributes to the sadness of the world, they are vibrating too. We could change the world if we stopped being a part of such a negative activity. Being a part of the problem doesn't allow for internal healing, to be conscious means in every aspect and it is a deep road to delve into, but the benefits are amazing, its like heaven on earth. Not eating commercially raised animals is a simple and extremely powerful contribution to the world. Be the Change.

And on to me, my choice to be whole and happy. I consciously choose to no longer maintain relationships with people who want to hurt me, physically, mentally or emotionally. To allow abuse in my life is to be abusive towards myself, I realize this now, took a bit of violence to see it clearly, but I am there now and I release all pain associated with abusers. I know what I deserve and in order to maintain my own harmony, I release me ties to those of you who have tried to pull me down, tried to break me, I am deserving of so much more. I am choosing to attract people full of life and love. I have no need for drama, I have my family, my home, my friends and my life that I create. I have a heart full of enough love to fill this whole world and I want to share. I attract opportunity and love life, this is my gift to the world, through my diet choices, mood choices, attitude choices and overall lifestyle choices, my choice to care, not selfishly, but genuinely care about all the life energy I am connected to... This is my gift to the universe, myself and you.

The more simple we live, the less chemicals and pollutants we put in our bodies, the easier it is to be whole, appreciative and truly find ourselves.

To heal the self, to facilitate healing in others, to be a vessel of healing, we must cleanse our thoughts, emotions, actions, physical bodies and minds of negativity. Cherish the simple beauty of nature, the love from a child, the passion in people dreaming, the lessons we have learned, so much beauty in front of you, choose to see. Consider the kind of energy you feed your body mind and soul. Be the Change

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