Thursday, September 24, 2009

Post Energy Healing Session Thoughts

So this session and self healing work happens to coincide with a new and blossoming friendship with a man who is unlike any I have met before, so in light of that their is some extra thought put into relationships and what I deserve from one and what I am willing to give, so this entry may not make much sense, but in the end it is a means to a conclusion...

I want honest communication, genuine connection and I am ready for something in my life that is significant and magnificent and I am unwilling to settle for anything less.

I enjoy holding hands, feeling adored, being understood, loved, desired and knowing that I make the one I choose to be with just as equally happy.

I know that in the past I have attracted broken people because of my tendency to heal/help and because of that I am setting limitations, I choose to attract people that give and receive, not take.

I am a new person from the one I was before, no one has ever been loved by the person I am today and in that realization I see the great potential in my gift of love and although I give it freely, I also give it wisely.

I am conscious, available and ready for the joy life is bestowing upon me.

I choose to be with someone that understands I have lived a life before them and passes no judgement on me for this, that they are accepting, loving and understanding, that we meet in a place of true sincerity and acceptance in all ways.

I surround myself in a community of love and support. The people I know and meet enhance my life in positive ways. I know love on a deeper level than I have ever known before. I love my friends, my family and my enemy, for I know we are all one. I make time for all of my loved ones to ensure they know my love.

I forgive my mother for the way she loved me and I release all anger towards her. I am grateful for the pain I have felt and the hardships I have endured. I forgive 'him' for choosing to not be a husband or a father and I understand that he did not use me, he could only take what I gave. I release my anger towards Robert and choose to release him from my thoughts.

To ignore something is refusal to grow. I choose to look upon all aspects and issues in my life with certainty that acceptance and understanding lead to healing.

I live in Abundance

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