Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Love

I am in love, I am overjoyed, I am me.
There was a time not long ago when I stood in front of the mirror and all I could see was my face, I would purposely tune out the rest of my body because I loathed how I looked. With exercise, a raw foods diet and allowing the love I have for others to be reflected back to me, I finally love myself. I can look at my whole self in the mirror. I may not be perfect, but I love me for where and who I am right now in this moment, which is perfection to me.
I love my physical self, my emotional self, my spritual and mental self. I am committing to the goals I have set forth to accomplish and I am believing in my own success, allowinig the process.
I am manifesting the reality I choose to live in and it allows me endless amounts of self love. My life is a continual shifting from one vibration to the next and I climb higher and higher with each passing day. I am learning to allow love in my life in all shapes and forms it may be delivered. I am more open to possibility right now than I ever have been. Loving myself draws others towards me and I hope to share my light with as many as possible, but beware those of you looking to take, I do not plan on losing any of my light.
May our light grow and multiply together as beings of love... May self love be in the hearts of all those who cross my path...

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MLo said...

You make me happy Kandis, just by reading how happy you are! I know ive told you this before but I seriously want to be where you are!!