Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Toast with Travinn to Change!!

I feel like all the love around me swept me in this direction of manifesting. I litterally allowed myself to believe in something and tonight I sat there and watched it materialize in front of me, my spirit is like 'whoah' right now.
My life is incredible, the things I want are coming to me in amazing ways, my son is gettinig more of my time, I am about to embark on my small business venture, I have the tools and support I need, I have a boyfriend who quite frankly is turning into one of the best friends I could ask for, I am so me with him it really can't be put into words; I appreciate him, so, so very much and I am glad he stepped into my life to support me in this journey.
Life is good baby, my house, my family, my love, my self, my everything is right where it should be and it's oozing joy!!!!

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