Thursday, September 3, 2009

Harvey's Song

...such a sad sad thing i set you free, cuz i can't get you back,

so tired of dreaming of you so many a night,

dreaming you see me for the me i have become, for the changes i have made and the someone i now am,

i seek to hold your hand,

for you to call me friend,

to see you be loved by those who would hold you,

if only you could understand,

i want to speak, for you to hear me,

i wish to wipe your tears that you hide so well,

i see the lost and it pains me to be powerless,

do not be afraid,

the truth will bandage your fears,

tears can be shed for light lingers near,

in truth there is freedom,

a luxury for few,

to ground yourself once again,

my hand is outstretched and this arm is getting tired,

time to rest it upon acceptance until you hear me loud and clear,

wipe away the cob webs for i am still standing here,

outstretched it remains,

a friendship so dear,

that i will wait forever even if you never appear,

for i miss the light you bring and the blue skys that you sing,

..its such a sad sad thing i set you free, cuz i can't get you back...

In meeting a new friend I was asked if I had ever been in love, I said yes, once, I have loved a few, but 'In Love,' once, but I was too young to know how to grow together, to communicate and support one another, So yes, I have been truly loved, in love and it was magical, once, but I set him free of me, cuz I didn't know how to grow together instead of apart

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